help us provide passage to manhood.

We have the privilege of offering our program to hundreds of boys in the Cleveland community for $0. 

In order to guarantee that every boy has the opportunity to experience new skills, camping trips, and life-changing mentorships, we have promised their parents that we will never ask their families for a penny. 

However, unfortunately, it takes money to give these boys the life-changing opportunities it takes to grant them a passage to manhood. That is why Andor has created the 30 for 30 partnership. 

To launch this partnership we are asking you for $30 a month to support 30 of the boys that are actively involved and invested in our program. 

This money will cover the cost of camping trips, skill lessons, and additional resources needed in order for this child to participate in the Andor Project. It is a simple partnership designed to guarantee access to opportunities for boys in need.

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