The Story of Duke: 

A long time ago in a land called Cleveland, TN, Mike and Jeff were working in the office. One day, one said to the other, "Wow, wouldn't it be so nice if we could take the boys to far away lands for adventures and new opportunities to grow?" 

"Why what a fantastic thing that would be! I wish we had a strong truck to pull all of our camping equipment to far away lands!"

But then, one day, Mike got a call. 

Somebody wanted to donate a truck to Andor! His wish had come true! The truck was a bit of a fixer-upper, but Mike and Jeff were not phased by the challenge. They named him Duke and he was exactly what they had wished for!

They called and they emailed, they toiled through the day, looking for donations so the boys could go play. 

First, Superior Transmission donated a brand new Transmission for Duke so he could run! 

Then, KYB donated all new shocks so that it would be safe to tow all of our equipment! 

But now.... Duke needs new breaks, to be re-painted, and find some new tires. And he needs your help!

We are so grateful for all of the generosity from our incredible partners. If you or someone you know is willing to donate to help get Duke on the road please email Thank you so much! 


Superior transmission

Check out their website! 


Check out their website!