At the Painter and Powers units today, we learned about a magic formula for delivering a great speech, every time. What is the secret? Evidence, action, benefit.

Start your speech with EVIDENCE about your topic, such as a story. This should capture your audience's attention and relate to your main message. Then, describe the ACTION. This is the knowledge you want them to get out of your speech--the action you want them to take. Lastly, tell your audience about the BENEFIT of taking the action you're proposing. It's great if the benefit for the audience can be directly related to your story.

For example, you could tell a story about how you had a test in school the next day, and you were going to study and go to bed early to be prepared. Then you found out your brother rented an awesome movie and he convinced you to stay up with him and watch it. The next day, you fell asleep during your test! Now you have a bad grade in that class. This is your EVIDENCE. The ACTION you would want to deliver to the audience is that they should study and go to bed on time when they have a test coming up, so they can BENEFIT by staying awake during class and passing their test!

A HUGE thanks to Eric Wilbanks for the great communication lesson! Hopefully it helps one of these boys win the speech contest next Friday!