"Working with ANDOR has been an incredible experience. My first week there was a small group of boys, which really gave me the opportunity to get to know them and connect with them. On just my first trip I was able to see the impact ANDOR has had on their lives.

They shared about their experiences and what they have learned through the program. It was obvious that the staff has invested a lot into the group because of how much they care for them. The skills and lessons that are passed on to the boys are fundamental to their development; from teamwork, to fishing and building fires, to the important aspects of manhood. The staff also does a wonderful job at assessing the progress that each individual young man is making in the program and rewards them accordingly with opportunities for more growth.

On both the trips I went on with ANDOR I (personally) learned a lot about survival skills and the importance of mentorship. I look forward to volunteering with the program and continuing to watch these boys grow into men with great character."