It's the little things that we so often forget during the summer.  

Sunscreen, getting enough sleep, spitting out our gum.  

Little things like these have a big impact on our pool safety according to last week's skill teacher, Brian Byrd, a volunteer fire fighter and professional EMT. If we don't remember to be prepared for a trip in the pool or the lake this summer, we could all get ourselves into emergency situations. 

Mr. Byrd talked with our boys at the Tucker Unit about the warning signs that a pool or body of water might be unfit for swimming, such as warning signs of a storm or a lake marked no swimming allowed. He also taught the boys how to recognize the signs that a friend or fellow swimmer might be in danger of drowning.  

"It doesn't matter how old you are or how good of a swimmer you might be", Byrd warned the boys, "In fact, most of the swimmers I have had to rescue were adult men. You should always be careful when you are swimming. Be aware that the water can be dangerous and know the rules before you dive in."  

We are so appreciative of the advice Mr. Byrd gave the boys as they dive into a summer of trips to the pool, creek, and lake. Having the ANDOR boys prepared for an emergency gives us peace of mind - knowing that the boys can appropriately respond in a scary situation. 

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