This is probably the very last thing you would expect to hear this far into summer, but here at ANDOR, we are turning up the heat.... To get ready for cooking skills month! 

The month of July will be dedicated to teaching the boys how to cook in the kitchen and over the campfire. We are excited to bring in three different skill teachers, Kathy Hayes from the UT Extension office, Chip Kaylor from the Elk's Lodge and Jeffery Pennypacker from Sweet and Savory Classroom in Chattanooga. Hayes has volunteered to teach the boys about nutritional cooking. Kaylor will be teaching the boys the basics of the kitchen including food safety. Then finally, we will take the boys who have shown the most interest and improvement to the Sweet and Savory Classroom to make an authentic New Orleans style dinner including beignets! 

Through these diverse opportunities, we hope to provide opportunities for the boys to not only get introduced to cooking skills, but also give them an opportunity to really find a passion for cooking.  

Of course, we will also be putting their skills to the test this month on our camping trips. July 3-9 we will be taking 15 boys to Boy Scout Summer Camp at Skymont Park. Skymont is the big leagues of Boy Scout camping. The boys will spend a week learning from different classes where they can earn merit badges. It is an honor for our boys to be able to participate.  

July 22nd we are taking an all ages trip to Fort Mountain in Georgia. The boys will get to test their outdoor cooking skills, hike a little, and spend time with our new volunteers. This will be a pretty big trip for our team and we can't wait to hit the road and spend some time in the mountains.  

Get ready boys, parents, and volunteers! July is going to be a busy month for the project, but we are ready to take on the last full month of summer!