You wake up in the middle of the night and something in the air doesn't feel right. You hear popping and cracking from the kitchen and you suddenly realize what that smell is - smoke. You sit up in bed and start to panic. What do you do when your house catches on fire? What is your plan? How will you get out?

You are driving through town with your friends. You finally got your liscense and you are loving the freedom of the open road. You are all joking and messing around, having a really good time. Your friend in the passengers seat wants to show you something on his phone. You look over for two seconds and then bam. You slam into the car in front of you at a light you didn't see change. What do you do when you get in an accident? What if somebody got hurt? Who should you call first?  

This summer we will be going through these scenarios and more with the Bradley County Fire Department as we learn more about emergency preparedness. We are so excited for our first lesson this Friday at the Tucker Unit. By completing the lessons taught over the next 8 weeks, our boys will learn how to handle emergency situations with confidence and clarity. A huge thanks to the fire department for working with us. We can't wait to learn more about the best responses to stressful, emergency situations.