Our organization is in a very exciting place right now. We have fresh minds. We have a passion for learning. We have a heart for serving you. 

Andor is working to grow our organization to be better than good or even great. We want to serve with excellence. That is why this week we sat down to have conversations with local leaders about how to fundraise with inspiration. We spent hours planning curriculum for upcoming camping trips. We worked to perfect our marketing materials. We strategized new ways to thank our partners. We recruited volunteers with passion. 

We don't just want to be an organization that gives you what you expect. We want to be an organization that goes above and beyond. That is what our boys deserve. So this summer, we are taking the time to sit down and figure out what this organization needs to do to provide the best programming for the boys we serve. 

We welcomed Dané and Halle as AmeriCorps VISTAs this week. They will play a part in building the capacity of our organization through eight weeks of intensive service. Dané and Halle share Mike's vision to develop the organization with partners that are passionate about our mission and with programming that challenges our boys to become better men. 

The excitement and freshness of this week has reminded all of us that this organization is a living, growing thing that we have the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you for playing a role in that. 

Next week we will be camping with our 13 & up group.