"Andor isn’t just about providing for a need or fixing  a problem. The Andor project takes developmental service to the next level. Having the opportunity to be a part of the camp staff this past weekend was an honor. I was amazed at how the program does not just help young men stay out of trouble, but it propels them forward by placing them into a leadership role (especially with the middle school/high school boys). It’s less about fixing and more about empowering. The really exciting aspect of Andor is that it’s actually working. I’ve never met kids that age who can sustain themselves in a camping environment that well. As they become more confident in their camping skills the boys begin to lead and help each other. However, it isn’t perfect and things can get messy, but that’s always when real progress is made. For example, instead of being encouraging in a leadership role the boys may just insult each other then try to do something “the right way” and not as part of a team. The cool thing is, it was a learning experience. Mike was able to talk to the older boys about the value of their words and I was able to talk to them about being more encouraging. This is just valuable wisdom everyone should learn and these kids have the opportunity to learn this lesson and so many more through Andor. I can’t wait to break out the hiking boots and go camping with Andor again!"


-Anna Self