As a student at Lee University, I took a class required for all freshmen called benevolence. I had the opportunity to listen to community leaders like Matt Ryerson and Dr. Mike Hayes talk about the importance of poverty development versus relief and justice. I was enamored with service and changing the community. I got involved with the Boys and Girls Club and fell in love with the kids. 

When I got a job interview to be a VISTA, Mike told me about the program and how it partnered BGC with Boy Scouts to develop boys into men. It was exactly where I wanted to be working and luckily for me, I was hired. 

Now if you know me, you must wonder how I could possibly be a good fit for Andor. I am not outdoorsy. I am a woman. I have relatively little knowledge about many of the skills we teach at Andor. None of that matters.

The beauty of service is that every organization needs people with different gifts and talents. If all of our volunteers were master woodworkers we would have no one to go camping and if every volunteer only wanted to camp the boys wouldn't learn any skills. My place at Andor was working on marketing and connecting the community to our organization.

Andor is changing lives. I have seen kids transform during my time working here. Whether through personal relationships with mentors or find a passion, kids love Andor because it empowers them to grow up. 

I believe that being a part of Andor has changed my life. I am so passionate about this organization and the children that we serve. It may not be my comfort zone, but it's where my heart is.  

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