July was cooking month here at ANDOR. Not only did our boys cook this month, we ATE! About 60 boys participated in the Adventures in the Kitchen Cooking class taught out of the UT Agricultural Extension Office. While the boys were at the office they learned important principles of cooking such as, how to read a nutritional label, how to measure according to a recipe, how to cook foods that have less sugar, and more.


The boys found the lesson to be very valuable because it allowed them to see that you can make an excellent, nutritious meal for yourself without a lot of fancy tools or ingredients. They made everything from an omelette in a bag to quesadillas.


Boys all enjoyed learning about cooking during our camping trip to Fort Mountain State Park. While we were there, all of the boys had an opportunity to learn about cooking in the outdoors. We also learned about how to safely store food in the outdoors to avoid attracting wildlife. This was a lesson the boys had to learn the hard way after their snacks were eaten by a family of bears!


Finally, the boys got to experience the service aspect of cooking skills by volunteering to pack sack lunches for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. We took a group of preteen boys to the house where they were able to make assembly line sandwiches and learn more about what the Ronald McDonald House is and why it is important to serve there.


Overall, this month was very successful for our boys. They have learned a lot and enjoyed the experiences they have had along the way. We can’t wait for August where we will be learning about water sports!