The ANDOR Project is a program that exists to develop boys from the ages of 6-18 by teaching them skill, character building, and outdoor survival skills. We are a partnership between the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Ocoee Region and the Boys Scouts of America. By mentoring the young boys from the clubs, we allow them to see that they are capable of becoming leaders in our community.
We genuinely appreciate your commitment to invest your time in the lives of these young boys. We know that by shaping their lives for a better future, you will find that they will shape your life as well.

Partnering with ANDOR is a commitment to the development of our community. By learning the skills taught in our program the boys can go on to find jobs, pursue a better education, and become better leaders. The experience you gain as a volunteers will help you better see the need in our community for development.
Through service, you will better understand how to help your neighbor and become a responsible citizen. You will also have a lot of fun along the way. We take these boys on rafting trips, fishing trips, hiking trips, camping trips, teach them how to cook, how to repair a broken down car, and even more. It may be service, but it definitely feels more like fun.

There are several different volunteer positions you can fill at ANDOR:

  •  Chaperone – If you are interested in chaperoning camping trips we take around the South-Eastern Tennessee and North-Western Georgia area you can volunteer to be a chaperone.
  • Skill Teachers – If you are an expert in a skill area you can volunteer to teach the boys lessons at the Boys and Girls Club.
  •  Mentors – If you are interested in partnering with us in a less specific capacity you can become a mentor in our program. Mentors will work with youth at the clubs, on camp outs, or by simply developing a mentoring relationship with a youth or group of boys.

Fill out a volunteer application, complete a background check, and (if applicable) sign up to be a Boy Scout Leader, then we should be all set to get your ANDOR experience started!