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Mike Stoess, Executive Director
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Halle Camilleri, Director of Marketing
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Eric Liu, AmeriCorps VISTA
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85 N. Ocoee Street

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Executive Director

Growing up, my father taught me a wide variety of skills. Whether it was fixing the family car or learning how to put a new roof on the house, when something was broken, we fixed it—and properly. It was about more than learning skills, though; it was about becoming self-reliant and using my new-found knowledge to take on new challenges and adapt to whatever situation I found myself in.

I believe everyone is good at something—no matter what that may be. My goal is to connect individuals in the community and give them the chance to share their knowledge with kids who may not have had the same opportunities as I did growing up. It is my hope that in passing on these skills, one day, they in turn will do the same.

Mike Stoess is the director of the Andor program. He graduated from Lee University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation, and is certified in CPR, Wilderness First Responder, and Ropes Rescue. He has been involved with scouting since 2003, and received his Eagle Scout in 2008. In 2012, he directed the High Adventure Camp at Deer Run Retreat in Franklin, TN.




Director of Marketing

I started studying public relations because I wanted to connect the community with the opportunities available to them. I started volunteering because I wanted to create the opportunities for people in need. 

I chose to work with ANDOR starting in the summer of 2016 because I want to use my two passions, communication and volunteerism, to help the young men of the Ocoee Region unlock their full potential through service and organization. I am incredibly excited to partner with this community to show these young men that they can change their own world by finding a passion and pursuing it with everything they have. 

Halle Camilleri is the Director of Marketing for the ANDOR Project. She is currently studying Public Relations at Lee University. She has been involved with volunteer service in the Chattanooga/Cleveland area since 2014.


ERIC LIU, Americorps VISTA

I developed a passion for social justice during my time at Lee University. I had the opportunity to serve with the elderly, people in low socioeconomic areas, the homeless, and children. Through all of this, I truly began to understand the impact of so many injustices that plagued the community. My passion slowly started to form into a fight against all injustices.

Thankfully, I have been given the opportunity to express my passion through Andor. I am excited to be using my strengths and talents towards developing the community around me. My goal is to be a microphone for these young men, in order for their voice to be heard. I plan on using the privilege I was given to help those who weren’t given any privilege whatsoever. 

Eric Liu is the AmeriCorps VISTA for the ANDOR Project. He received his Bachelor's in Psychology at Lee University May 2015. He is from Knoxville, TN.